botaniCo Group: Introducing our Membership

botaniCo  |  July 14 - 2021

Here at botaniCo, we believe in the power of the cannabis and hemp industry, and building relationships with trusted suppliers is the benchmark of our operations. Our motto is: Growth Through Connection. As these industries become more developed and fast-paced, and with more competition — it will become increasingly difficult for prospective businesses to seek out the proper channels.

We're here to help! Our former parent company has been serving the medical and hospitality sector since 1986 helping business owners save money on products and services. We felt it was a natural path to expand into the rapidly-growing legal cannabis and hemp industries, in order to be able to help more folks achieve their goals. 

Keep reading as we introduce ourselves and talk about who we are, details about our membership, and why more and more cannabis and hemp businesses are choosing botaniCo to guide them forward in reaching their dreams. 

botaniCo: Who We Are

Launched in late 2018, botaniCo is a member services organization - providing businesses that serve the legal cannabis and hemp industries with both purchasing power and access to an elite network of trusted vendors. Our vision is to better the general community, and so we are committed to providing our members with a vast amount of money-saving options. 

Additionally, we're a hub for cannabis and hemp education, industry analytics, advice about tailored insurance products, cannabis and hemp advocacy, and much more! 

Details About Our Membership

You might be asking, "So, how can a botaniCo membership help me?" Here are just some of the ways in which our experts can assist you in achieving your cannabis and hemp business goals:

  • Join an Elite Network of Participating Suppliers and Members: access to 30+ botaniCo participating suppliers.

  • Gain Exclusive Access to Supplier Agreements: for you and your employees' personal use.  

  • We Provide You With A Dedicated Contract Director: they will serve as your liaison to the suppliers, helping with contracts and making sure your value is recognized. 

Our Suppliers:

Our suppliers are carefully chosen and are here to help you get the supplies and service you need, while providing guidance and discounts along the way. Here are just some of our esteemed suppliers: 

  • American Hotel Register Company
  • Cintas
  • Dama Financial
  • Enlighten
  • Grainger
  • Lowe's
  • PlantLife
  • Staples
  • & many more!

Cannabis & Hemp Business Owners: Are You Ready to Get Started on Your Path to Savings and Trusted Supplier Relationships?

We know it can be quite daunting at first, but getting to where you want to be in the cannabis and hemp industry is attainable, with the right tools. So, what are you waiting for? Become a member, today


If you're searching for ways to save on business-related costs, a membership with botaniCo is your premier choice!

Complete our membership signup form to receive a 1-year complimentary enrollment and begin your path to savings and improved business operations.

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