Let's Talk Hemp/CBD: Uses & Dosages

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botaniCo  |  April 06 - 2022

After a hiatus of nearly 75 years, industrial hemp production was reintroduced via the 2018 Farm Bill. This finally allowed for the production of commercial hemp, which began again in 2019. 

As hemp starts to recirculate and become more and more common in today's markets, the research behind its uses expands just as much as its consumer base. Taking the time to understand basics such as how canna-compounds work is fundamental to removing the stigma surrounding hemp. In this blog, we'll go over some important hemp-related educational info about its uses, popularity factors, and why proper dosage is vital. Keep reading!

Why Choose Hemp/CBD Products?

Recreational and medical marijuana legalization is slowly making its way through the country. It seems hemp-derived products are available almost everywhere. 

In addition to being easily accessible, the variety of proven uses and benefits make hemp an extremely versatile plant

Full Spectrum & Broad Spectrum

When considering your cannabis needs and uses, two very important terms come to mind: full-spectrum and broad-spectrum. 

Beneficial cannabinoids such as CBD are derived from hemp and can be found in full-spectrum and broad-spectrum forms. The wide variety of compounds found in these products makes them popular among consumers. They can potentially trigger something called the ‘Entourage Effect’ - a reaction between different compounds in cannabis that produces synergetic activity.  

  • Full-spectrum CBD contains a full array of compounds produced by its source plant. This means the product containing CBD may also contain small amounts of THC, including other cannabinoids and terpenes. 
  • Similar to full-spectrum, broad-spectrum CBD oil also contains a wide array of compounds produced by its source plant, but will have undergone a process to remove any THC. 

This is where hemp shines. Aside from containing a higher amount of concentrated CBD, the extremely low amounts of psychoactive THC make the products more desirable for users looking for other effects and benefits.  

Is there an ‘Ideal’ Hemp Dosage?

Furthermore, finding the right dosage for the right treatment is a very individualized process for each consumer. 

Speaking with a medical professional is always a great first step toward a continued understanding of what you need and what is available. But above all else: it’s never a bad idea to start low and go slow!

Factors Impacting the Effects of Hemp/CBD Products

The biggest challenge when finding an ideal dosage is that individual body makeup can affect how your system responds to these compounds.

There are many factors that play a role in how hemp/CBD products interact with you such as:

  • Body size and weight.
  • Overall tolerance and metabolism. 
  • Amount used (dosage).
  • Delivery method (inhalation, oral, topical, or rectal)
  • High and low concentrations of cannabinoids (THC, CBD)

Research suggests that dosages for CBD oils and hemp extracts are most commonly taken between 20-40 mg but this doesn’t make it the correct dosage for you. Many take doses upwards of 100 mg while others barely touch 10 mg doses—it's all dependent on what you need and how your body responds.

botaniCo: Working Towards a Brighter Future for the Legal Hemp Industry

As hemp products become more prevalent, having a trusted services organization to assist with and deliver the latest and most valuable insights on growing your business in the cannabis and hemp industries is more important than ever. 

At Botanico, we provide access to important cannabis information as well as key takeaways, industry-leading vendors, and strategic partnerships that can grow and be easily implemented in your operations. 

We invite you to check out our Services and Membership pages!

*Always consult a physician before making changes to your health or fitness regimen.

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