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botaniCo  |  January 12 - 2022

Here at botaniCo, our mission is to help the cannabis and hemp industries thrive by providing our members with an array of cost-saving solutions on products and services, as well as resources like cannabis and hemp education, analytics, advocacy, and much more.

Successful businesses flourish on their relationships. As a services organization for the cannabis and hemp industries, we provide purchasing power and exclusive access to an elite network of trusted suppliers. Read on as we highlight more advantages of a botaniCo membership.

Highlighting the Strong Relationship of Our Programs & Suppliers

Every business is unique. Thus, exclusive access to our diverse network of suppliers and programs offers a variety of customizable solutions to every type of cannabis and hemp operator in the industry. 

With so much growth happening in the legal cannabis/hemp field, as a current or potential business owner, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of all the moving parts associated with running a successful business. 

Whether you're a seasoned veteran within the cannabis industry or are just starting out — there's certainly a great deal to learn and implement.

Our strong supplier relationships help your cannabis or hemp business save time and money when it comes to purchasing supplies you already need. These suppliers can provide cost-effective business solutions and discounts for the sustainable growth of your brand. 

botaniCo Suppliers: Fueling the Sustainable Growth of Your Cannabis/Hemp Business

Our carefully chosen suppliers are here to help you get the supplies and services you need while providing guidance and discounts along the way. Here are just some of our esteemed suppliers: 

From our membership you’ll gain instant access to our elite cannabis industry community, connecting you with experts who can assist you in improving efficiencies and saving money. Let us build your network, so you can focus on growing your cannabis or hemp business. 

Last but not least, when you complete our membership signup form you receive a 1-year complimentary enrollment to begin your path to savings and improved business operations with botaniCo!

BotaniCo Program Spotlight: About Our Culinary Program

Our botaniCo Culinary Program lets members receive cash rebates on food & non-food purchases from hundreds of manufacturers. Purchases must be made from approved broad-line foodservice distributors such as Sysco, Gordon Foodservice and Shamrock, to name a few.

We encourage our members to participate in the manufacturer rebate program that pays rebates to the end-users (you)! 

The botaniCo Culinary Program is available at no charge and encompasses thousands of products from over 350 manufacturers currently participating in the direct rebate program. Cash rebates are available from companies like 3M, Cal-Mil, Cambro, Carlisle, Georgia Pacific, and more.

Cannabis/Hemp Business Owners: Are You Ready to Get Started on Your Path to Savings & Trusted Supplier Relationships?

Finally, we know it can be quite daunting at first, but getting to where you want to be in the cannabis and hemp industry IS attainable, with the right tools. So, what are you waiting for? Become a member, today! 


If you're searching for ways to save on business-related costs, a membership with botaniCo is your premier choice!

You can also download our complete supplier ist, or if you're looking to become a supplier, Sign Up here! 

Complete our membership signup form to receive a 1-year complimentary enrollment and begin your path to savings and improved business operations.

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