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botaniCo  |  May 26 - 2022

Here at botaniCo, we exist to always be the go to source supporting cannabis and hemp businesses in their various operations. Recently, we have been focusing more on member education and engagement in order to help our members really get the most out of what our suppliers offer them.

If you visit the supplier pages on our website, you will notice that they include some brief descriptions along with highlights and specific botaniCo member benefits. However, these are far from the only important pieces of info available.

In one of our previous blogs, we began to highlight some vital suppliers and programs. Keep following along with this article as we put a closer spotlight on just some of our esteemed suppliers—diving deeper into their services—and clueing you in regarding more ways to save money!

Supplier Spotlight: Enlighten

Firstly, let us put a spotlight on Enlighten. In addition to the information we have available on our website, Enlighten can help your cannabis dispensary and your customers by:

  • Working hands-on with clients to identify, attract and retain new customers. 
  • Unlocking new opportunities that will increase profitability and help them gain competitive advantages in the market. 
  • Large cannabis companies and non-cannabis companies looking to reach cannabis consumers use Enlighten’s enterprise-grade technology, trusted data, transparency, and custom marketing solutions to influence and navigate the entire customer journey.
  • Creating brand awareness and driving foot traffic into the store, guiding the in-store experience, and influencing purchase habits while increasing basket sizes once customers are in the door.
  • They also support small and emerging brands in the market with a simple and effective self-service platform, Adsuite. 

Supplier Spotlight: Cintas

Next, we now come to Cintas. In addition to the information we have available on our website, let us now look at Cintas by the numbers: 

  • More than 1 million customers in the U.S. & Canada
  • Approximately 11,000 local delivery routes
  • Approximately 40,000 employee partners
  • 460 operational facilities
  • More than 90% of sales from U.S. based operations
  • 13 distribution centers

Supplier Spotlight: Plant Life

Thirdly, we have Plant Life. Growers should rejoice! In addition to the information we have available on our website, Plant Life can help your hemp or cannabis cultivation operation by offering crucial products from such industry leading brands as: 

Supplier Spotlight: SHI

Finally, let us talk more about SHI. In addition to the information we have available on our botaniCo website, SHI can help your hemp or cannabis business by: 

  • Generating ideas, creating solutions and delivering value
  • Transforming your cannabis or hemp business through technology
  • Bringing together IT and Procurement like no one else
  • Connecting people, products, and technology to help create better business outcomes
  • They are the most successful technology solutions provider with the smallest ego!

Grow Your Cannabis or Hemp Business With a botaniCo Membership!

Above all else, we are here to help our current and future members save as much money as possible when it comes to everything regarding their operations. 

With so many brands out there, it is very important to do all you can to put your cannabis or hemp company ahead of the rest. Worried? Don’t be. All of this does not have to seem like a daunting task when you utilize our amazingly helpful resources. Excited to learn more? Be sure to check out the Suppliers section of our website and also stay tuned for more supplier related blog content.

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